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Double the crime

On Behalf of | May 13, 2014 | Sex Crimes

If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again? Or perhaps lightning does strike twice.

A man is now locked up in a Volusia County jail, accused of peeping into a teenage girl’s window. When the deputies arrested him, early this past Saturday morning, he told them that he was on probation for doing the same thing back in November. I guess he earns points for honesty. He was arrested after the girl’s father spotted him hiding in his yard. When the authorities got there, the 28-year-old took off running. When he was caught, the suspect yelled, “I want to die! Please shoot me! You don’t understand man! I’m on probation for doing the same thing,” according to a deputy’s report. He remains in jail without bond.

At first, you have to kind of chuckle at this story, but he is facing a very serious legal matter. This man’s voyeurism has gotten him in trouble before, but if it is true that he was peeping on this teenage girl he could be looking at jail time. Since voyeurism is considered a “sex crime”, just the allegation alone can have serious consequences. His attorney will need to find a way to explain his odd behavior. Maybe this means trying to get him professional help for his mental condition, instead of serving time in prison.

Florida law defines voyeurism under Section 810.14 of the Florida Statute and there are many variations of this crime. There is video voyeurism, video voyeurism dissemination and video voyeurism for a commercial purpose. All carry major punishment, but in this specific case the term can cover behavior commonly associated with a “peeping tom”.