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What to do after a Drug Bust

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2014 | Drug Crimes

Police drug busts are becoming more and more elaborate. As alleged users and dealers get smarter, so do the cops. Gone are the days of suspects being busted only for marijuana or cocaine. Now being caught with illegal pharmaceuticals, or running a potential meth house, has law enforcement’s attention.

Before you can take the proper legal steps to figure out what to do after getting arrested for drugs, you first must find out how it came to this. How did you get involved in a police drug bust? Doesn’t seem like an everyday occurrence. Perhaps someone who knows you, and has an ax to grind, decided to contact the police. They might have told law enforcement that they believe there’s drug use or drug sales going on inside the home. The police will visit and investigate to see if there is any possible drug use or sales going. If they suspect there is, then they will notify VICE. They don’t usually walk up and kick down the door in like you might see in movies or on TV, but once the drugs have been found you will need an attorney right away.

If the police believe you intended to distribute the drugs then the criminal charges are determined by the amount and type of the drugs found during the search. Whether you’re charged with a serious drug felony or a misdemeanor drug possession can make all the difference in the world when it comes to sentencing. Your defense lawyer can bring up important questions about how the police’s search and seizure of the drugs came about. Law enforcement can’t just enter a home and search for drugs because they were suspicious. Hunches don’t really hold up in court. 



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