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Holiday drunk driving campaign is in force in Florida

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2014 | DUI

Most Florida motorists throughout the state, including in Orange County, likely know the phrase “Click it or Ticket,” which is the slogan for a recurring national campaign stressing motorists’ seat belt use.

Drivers are equally familiar with the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign that runs periodically each year in states across the country.

Florida participates in both those initiatives, with the latter program once again being operative on state roads and highways.

The Drive Sober campaign is a combined federal and states’ effort that is conducted under the auspices of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Its theme and enforcement focus is obvious: to target and arrest drivers that police officers think have been drinking.

The year-end holiday season is now firmly in stride, so it is no surprise that the Drive Sober program is once again in effect across Florida. As noted in a recent media article discussing DUI enforcement, the campaign will run through the remainder of 2014.

Law enforcement officials engage in uncompromising rhetoric when they reference Drive Sober, offering up a stern message for persons who might be contemplating having a few drinks and then getting behind the wheel.

“It will be hard to enjoy the holiday season when you are sitting in a jail cell or worse,” says a senior official of the Florida Highway Patrol. That agency states that the 2013 Drive Sober effort in Florida resulted in 421 drunk driving arrests across the state.

Motorists will certainly want to be mindful of the campaign and note, as always, that a DUI conviction in Florida can bring weighty consequences. Those include fines, community service, jail time or probation, ignition interlock installation, license revocation, compulsory attendance at DUI school and additional exactions.

An experienced Florida DUI defense attorney can provide additional information and strong advocacy on behalf of any person facing a drunk driving-related criminal charge.