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June 2015 Archives

Florida woman faces felony DUI charge

Facing charges of felony DUI can be serious for the person accused. Such charges can include jail time, license revocation and other severe consequences. However, anyone charged with such a crime still has legal rights and options available for his or her defense. One woman in Florida may be considering all options available to her after her recent arrest.

A good DUI defense is important

Being arrested for driving while drunk or impaired can be scary, and those who have experienced such an arrest may likely think their lives of freedom are over. However, it is important to remember that being charged with a crime does not automatically mean that you will be convicted of the crime. Everyone, regardless of the nature of the crime they may have committed, is innocent in the eyes of the law until found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and all people have a right to a trial to fight any charges against them.

Drunk driving: your choice, your consequences

When the Miami Beach Police Department recently unveiled a squad car of theirs that they had repainted, it turned a few heads. That's because the vehicle is painted to make the front half of the vehicle look like a police cruiser and the back half to look like a taxi cab. As some of our readers here in Orlando may have guessed, the car is meant to make people stop and think about the important choice people have after consuming alcohol.

Why talking to a lawyer after a license suspension is a good idea

For a lot of people across Florida, which may include a number of our Orlando readers, their driver's license is perhaps the most important thing in their wallet or purse. That's because a driver's license symbolizes freedom. It allows a person to legally operate a motor vehicle not just in Florida, but in other states across the nation. When a person's license is taken away though, things change drastically.

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