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Life doesn't end after a breath test refusal

Individuals facing a DUI charge or conviction may also be facing the possibility of a 0.08 breath test result hanging over them for a long time. Sometimes the fear of having an over the limit reading prompts individuals to refuse a breath test. While this may be the recommendation of most, even a refusal can lead to an automatic suspension of your driving privileges in the state of Florida. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your rights even after a breath test refusal.

Why you should consider expungement

Anyone who has received a DUI understands firsthand just how big of an impact a DUI charge can have on your future. Putting aside the embarrassment, fines and jail time, a DUI charge and conviction can cast a negative shadow on every area of an your personal and professional life. To limit or reduce this negative impact, individuals facing these adverse effects may want to consider speaking to an attorney about DUI expungement.

Don't wait; request a driver's license hearing ASAP after a Florida DUI arrest

One thing that most people don't understand about DUI arrests in Florida is that they result in two sets of legal proceedings: the criminal proceedings and the driver's license proceedings. Today let's discuss the part that relates to your driver's license.

Can I depend on an over-the-counter BAC test?

Individuals suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol may be subject to one of the many common types of BAC measurement. Blood, urine and saliva can all be used to measure the blood alcohol content of a driver, but none are as commonly used as the Breathalyzer.

Auto-brewery syndrome defense against DUI

A New York woman's rare medical condition is being cited as the reason a town judge has decided to drop the DUI charges against her. In a recent article, the medical condition known as auto-brewery syndrome is getting attention after a woman's arrest for drunk driving.

Can DUI school help reduce charges?

Following a DUI charge, state law requires offenders to attend mandatory alcohol education classes. These DUI schools are designed to assess and treat individuals after a DUI offense. Although these alcohol education courses are mandatory, cooperating with the court regarding attendance and involvement with them may help significantly reduce a DUI charge.

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