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Avoid permanent revocation after DUI

Florida DUI laws are tough and only getting tougher. Receiving a DUI charge and conviction in the great state of Florida can lead to hefty fines, severe penalties and a loss of driving privilege. Although these threats are extremely scary, it is possible they can be reduced or eliminated through a good DUI defense. However, when it comes to DUI defense, timing is everything and waiting until you face a third or fourth charge is never a good idea.

In most cases, a first DUI charge can be relatively simple to handle with the help of a DUI defense attorney. The time spent without a license may be anywhere from 180 days to one year, but may be dramatically reduced with a proper defense. When an individual is facing their second DUI charge, it is even more important to defend against a conviction. Although the period of revocation or a second conviction can be up to five years, an attorney may be able to help reinstate a hardship license after only 12 months.

If an individual faces a third DUI charge, the threat of revocation is substantially greater. Even though a hardship license may be granted after two years, the minimum without a hardship license is 10 years. Contrary to popular belief, the first two DUI convictions need not be within a 10 year period for the maximum revocation of 10 years to be handed down for a third conviction. For a maximum revocation, only the second DUI conviction must fall within the 10-year period.

Upon receiving a fourth DUI, individuals are no longer allowed to receive a hardship license and the revocation of their license is mandatory and permanent. At this point, there is little that can be done to avoid serious legal consequences. It is for this reason that a strong and capable DUI defense may prove extremely beneficial upon the first DUI charge. While most individuals do not plan on ever receiving a second, third or fourth DUI, having a strong defense at the start may make all the difference in the long run.



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