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Can a DUI interrupt your schooling?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2023 | DUI

After getting charged with a DUI, you will likely spend plenty of time thinking about the possible short-term ramifications. This can include time in jail, so it makes sense to worry about it.

However, the long-term consequences can serve as an even bigger problem, especially if you are a student.

Actions your college may take against you

According to The College Investor, a DUI can interrupt your schooling. In fact, a DUI may even end up ending your college path.

This is due to numerous factors. First, while it is not common, it is still possible for a college board to decide that you are too big of a risk and expel you.

Even if they do not do this, they will almost certainly take action against you. This will often come in the form of a revocation or rejection of financial aid. For example, you will likely lose any financial awards or scholarships that you earned up to this point.

They may also ban you from using on-campus housing, forcing you to pay for transportation to campus and off-campus housing. All of these things can create major financial hurdles for you.

The loss of career paths

On top of that, you will likely find career paths closing to you. This is because many fields do not hire people with DUIs on record. This includes government positions, jobs that work with children, and jobs that require a commercial driver’s license or the operation of heavy machinery.

Thus, a single DUI can prove enormously disruptive to your potential school path.