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September 2013 Archives

Florida fortune teller found guilty of fraud in jury trial

Not all crimes involve allegations of violence or outright theft. Some crimes, such as fraud, are less clear. Depending on the circumstances, such allegations are a result of the perceptions of others. This may best be illustrated in the recent trial of a Florida woman many consulted for psychic services. The woman was recently found guilty of defrauding clients of a total of $25 million over the course of more than two decades.

Motion to Suppress

What is a Motion to Suppress? Many times in a DUI case we will file what is called a motion to suppress. This is a challenge to the legality of the case and it normally is broken down as a challenge to the initial traffic stop.

Seminole County Driving While License Suspended

As a former Seminole County Prosecutor I know firsthand how serious the courts take Driving While License Suspended or Revoked charges. In Seminole County many of these cases can result in jail time, probation and the loss of your driving privileges for up to 5 years.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Leaving the scene of an accident can be a split second decision that can end up costing you the rest of your life.   If you get into a traffic crash in Florida and there is any damage to a vehicle or injury to a person you are supposed to exchange insurance information and call the police so a report can be made. If you leave the scene of the accident you can be charged with a criminal offense and arrested or given a notice to appear in court.

DUI and New Hardship License Rules

As of July 1, 2013 the Florida Legislators enacted new rules the govern DUI hardship licenses. This new law actually makes it a lot easier to get a hardship license after being arrested for a first time DUI. Within the first 10 days after arrest you have to sign up for DUI school through the Florida Safety Counsel and bring that proof to the DHSMV and request a waiver of the formal review which means you are not challenging the suspension. If you follow these steps then the DHSMV will issue you a hardship license on the stop for the entire term of your suspension which would be 6 months if you blow .08 or higher or 12 months if you refuse the breath test.

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