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Month: October 2013

Arrested while on Vacation

If you are down in Florida for vacation and you get arrested what are your options?If you hire an attorney you do not need to appear at the arraignment which is the first court date that the Judge or the Jail will give you. Many times we can waive your appearance at...

I-phones used to solve crimes

I have noticed an increase in arrests because of the I-phone and I-pad tracking applications.  There is a find my phone application that people and police are using to locate criminals who are stealing these items along with other things in burglary and theft...

UCF Student arrests

If you are a student at UCF and you have been arrested for anything you can be subject to school discipline and criminal charges that you have to go to court for. Do not go to court alone, hire a criminal defense attorney to help assist you.You want to make sure that...

Texting while driving

As a Criminal Law attorney we are always researching new laws that take effect every legislative session and an interesting one that has been talked about for years finally took effect this year. Texting while driving is now a traffic offense effective October 1,...



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