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August 2014 Archives

Bank Robbery Suspect Caught

The only thing worse than a bank robber is one who gets caught. When you are arrested for bank robbery, you will have to battle the federal government's resources because nearly all banks, credit unions, and savings and loans are federally insured. Such is the case with a recent, multiple offender in the Orlando area.

DUI checkpoints on Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend to enjoy Summer starts right now, but you should probably keep your eyes open all weekend. You can expect law enforcement to be out in full force looking to catch people drinking and driving.

Attempted Kidnapping of young boy

A kidnapping charge is a serious matter, but an attempted kidnapping of a child under 13 years of age is disastrous. Over in Ocoee, FL, police are searching for a man who tried to kidnap an 11-year-old boy. It took place this past Monday when an elementary school was letting out. The man asked if the child wanted a ride.

What is considered First Degree Assault?

In the state of Florida, being charged with First Degree Assault means a lot more than normal crime of Assault. Assault is a Second Degree Misdemeanor in Florida. That usually comes to 60 days in jail, to go with 6 months of probation and some fines. But when a person is charged with First Degree Assault it is because there is evidence that shows intent. The intent to cause serious physical injury to another person by using a deadly weapon or a dangerous instrument.

Florida drivers, expect company from the Highway Patrol this week

Any Florida motorist who has had a few drinks and thinks that he or she might stand a reasonable chance of being undetected by Florida law enforcers while out on a state road or interstate this week is likely mistaken.

Drug Trafficking Defense

The laws regarding "drug trafficking" in the state of Florida come with harsh penalties. One of the most common drugs involved in trafficking is cocaine. Because it is considered a controlled substance, this means that there is a high potential for abuse that can lead to severe psychological or physical dependence. Unlike some other drugs which can be labeled for medical use, being caught with cocaine will land you with a hefty punishment. 

Drunk Driving Crash

No matter how many public service announcements play on TV or on the radio, some people just won't take drinking and driving seriously.

DUI stop leads to arrest for marijuana

DUI doesn't always mean that a driver was under the influence of alcohol. Take for example two Pittsburgh Steelers who were pulled over yesterday. Running backs Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount were charged with possession of marijuana following a routine traffic stop. Bell was the driver of the car and was charged with driving under the influence of marijuana, although both men were in possession of marijuana. The traffic officer who pulled the car over noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The officer found a 20 gram bag of marijuana inside the car. The DUI charge is a misdemeanor. Both Bell and Blount will receive summonses in the mail that will include the date on which they must appear in court.

First Degree Felony Burglary

You could be at the wrong place at the wrong time, or just hanging out with the wrong crowd. But if any of these situations land you with a criminal charge for "first degree felony burglary", then excuses will do you no good. Time to lawyer up. Just about every bank in the United States is federally insured, so a bank robbery is considered a federal offense. If you are charged with committing a bank robbery, you and your attorney will be going up against the federal government's eager prosecutors.

FL cracking down on DUIs

You don't have to watch the news or commercials, or even see drivers being pulled over to understand what is going on. It's common knowledge that law enforcement is always cracking down on drunk drivers. But with summer down to its final weeks and Labor Day just around the corner, the FHP (Florida Highway Patrol) is focusing its attention on drunk drivers for the next two weeks. It's all part of the national Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign that will run through on September 1 (Labor Day). 

Sex Sting catches man trying to make child porn

If you get arrested for any child porn related computer crimes, you can expect the state of FL to punish you to the fullest extent of the law. Law enforcement officials often monitor online activity of suspected adults who try to access child pornography. Over in St. John's, FL, a man learned this the hard way. 

Attempted First Degree Murder

Late last night in downtown Orlando, a man was charged with attempted first degree murder with a deadly weapon. The man is accused of stabbing a victim, by cutting the victim's throat. The victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery, while the suspect was caught by the police not too long after the attack.

Arrested on suspicion of child molestation

Being arrested on suspicion of child molestation is a horrific combination of humiliation and serious criminal charges. This past weekend, "Sons of Guns" reality TV star Will Hayden was arrested in Louisiana on suspicion of child molestation. He is accused of child molestation and a "crime against nature." The woman who alerted authorities happens to be the mother of one of Hayden's daughters. Hayden claims the sexual allegations against him are false, since they are coming from an ex-girlfriend who wants payback. This wouldn't be the first time that false allegations, involving a bitter breakup, have been used to get someone arrested for such a harsh crime.

"Molly" becoming the new drug crime

MDMA, which is a form of Ecstasy also known as "Molly" in the club scene, has become the new drug of the 21st century. It's even caught the attention of the NFL. Just today, the league suspended Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick four games for failing a drug test that showed "Molly" in his system. Scandrick claims that while he was vacationing in Mexico with a girlfriend, she provided him with the substance and slipped it into the cocktail they were drinking. 

When Xanax becomes illegal

Xanax is best known as a prescribed pill that doctors give out to patients in order to treat anxiety and panic disorder. But did you know that you can be arrested for having even just one unprescribed Xanax pill on you? Xanax happens to be the most common prescription drug that is often illegally obtained through theft or prescription fraud. The legal ramifications are harsh for illegally possessing pharmaceutical drugs in the state of Florida. Prosecutors and law enforcement have been focusing on taking down prescription drug offenders for years now.

Racketeering Charges

Do you know what gets a prosecutor's legal juices flowing? A racketeering case. They are extremely aggressive in trying to increase the consequences so that it can lead to more serious legal penalties for the defendant. In the state of FL, the minimum prison sentence under state guidelines for racketeering is 34 months. The sentenced can be a maximum of 30 years, depending on the facts of the case. 

NBA player Greg Oden Arrested For Assault

Far too often athletes make more headlines during the offseason, for all the wrong reason. NBA center Greg Oden now joins that ever-growing list. was arrested in Lawrence, Ind. this morning after allegedly punching a woman. When officers arrived at the home they found the victim crying and on a bed holding her face. A woman who claimed to be the victim's best friend told officers what happened. 

Best Defense Against "Prostitution/Escort" Stings

The "world's oldest profession" is still a major target for the law. Prostitution stings occur often nowadays, with police officers posing as prostitutes who offer sexual favors in exchange for money. It can be as simple as that. These stings have also become so elaborate that some police precincts have purchased homes for the sole purpose of conducting their prostitution stings. 

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