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November 2014 Archives

Why you can't flee the scene of a car accident

A couple of weeks ago in the Orlando, Central FL area, we were reminded of one of the many dangers of fleeing an accident. A woman, who fled the scene of a hit-and-run crash that she was responsible for, was killed after she crossed the median of I-4. After her initial crash, her Jeep Wrangler crossed the median of I-4 and entered into the eastbound lanes. She then struck a Mercedes which had four passengers, one adult and three small children aged one, three, and four. That impact also caused a pick-up, towing a trailer loaded with two motorcycles, to start spinning across several lanes. She was ejected from her jeep and landed face down on the eastbound lanes, where she died.

Driving with an expired registration

It's the little things in life that catch up with us at the wrong time. When we don't pay attention to the minor details in life, that is when it comes back to bite us. What happens when you are pulled over by the police for something as simple as driving with expired tags? Operating a motor vehicle with an expired tag/registration is a civil infraction and is considered a non-moving violation. 

Breathalyzers: a common policing tool, but far from infallible

Here's a scenario that can be truly frightening for a motorist in Florida or anywhere else in the country: suffering consequences stemming from a flatly wrong reading supplied by a breathalyzer machine administered by a police officer.

Excuse That Never Work When Caught Speeding

You know you were going over the speed limit, but that doesn't stop you from finding an excuse for your speeding. When an officer pulls you over, it can be a frightening experience. All you need to do is stay calm and be honest. Try not to flood the officer with excuse after excuse.

Arrested while on vacation

It's probably the last thing you would think about while on vacation, but you would be surprised at the number of people each year arrested while on vacation. Getting arrested on vacation might be one of the scariest legal troubles you could ever face. It's bad enough to be arrested in your hometown, but imagine being far away and incarcerated!

Holiday Shoplifting Season Is Upon Us

Did you notice that right after Halloween was over, most stores were already putting up signs for Christmas sales? Yup, that's right. Forget about Thanksgiving "Black Friday", we are already in the Christmas shopping season. While you are busy making a list, many stories are focused on something other than your purchases. They are focused on those who they believe to be stealing from them during this holiday season.

Toll Violations can add up

Think about how much you drive in a day. Going and coming from work. Out for lunch. Maybe out to dinner or to pick up food for the night. Meeting friends socially after work hours. If you live in the Central FL area you are going to have to deal with toll roads. The most common ones being the 408, 417, 528 and the FL Turnpike. Having a SunPass or E-PASS eases the headache of constantly looking for loose change, but sometimes drivers lose track of how much money they have put into their SunPass account. If you haven't received an email or a letter from SunPass about your account's low balance, then before you know it you are in the red.

After drinking you must have DUI awareness

What exactly is "DUI awareness"? You hear people who have had one too many drinks talk in terms such as "body weight" or "alcohol tolerance". In their everyday life they think they can have complete control over how much they drink and how it truly affects them. But when you are pulled over by the police that "DUI awareness" doesn't do you any good.

Drug Arrests At Music Festival

Starting this Friday the 7th of November, Orlando will be hosting a two day - two night music festival called the Electric Daisy Carnival. While an event such as this is supposed to be about enjoying the festivities, it is also a perfect time for the police to crack down on drug users and dealers.

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