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DUI suspicion

How does a suspicion of a DUI start and what is the outcome? As we know a DUI represents the act of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. An officer can stop anyone, anytime, they suspect a driver to be under the influence. When the officer pulls over the driver for suspicion of DUI, that person is given several tests that will either validate or eradicate suspicion of impaired driving. If the driver fails to pass any of the DUI tests, they will be arrested on the spot for suspicion of DUI. Of course, the court must show proof of DUI in order to get a conviction, but as you can see a "DUI" and "suspicion" go hand in hand. Police look for drivers who exhibit several suspicious actions that could be due to driving under the influence. Cops are looking for swerving, excessive speeding, failure to yield at a stop sign, etc.

Domestic abuser or victim of false allegations?

With domestic abuse cases all over the news right now, it is important to understand the issue. Many women are caught in abuses relationships with husbands, boyfriends, etc. But as a defense attorney it is crucial to remember that not every "domestic abuse" case is the same. False allegations against a male defendant can occur from time to time.

DUI Checkpoints All Over Orlando

Even if you've only had a couple of beers at a bar, you still need to be extra careful the minute you start driving your car. Cops are out there looking for you to slip up. Driving over the speed limit; not coming to a full stop at a stop sign; failing to use your turn signals when switching lanes, etc.

Minors and DUI; special considerations, the need for counsel

Most drunk driving arrests in Orange County and elsewhere across Florida involve adult drivers. Minors, too, though, are sometimes arrested and charged with DUI, with their cases often involving special considerations based upon their relative youth.

Vandalism charge

Vandalism sounds like a minor criminal offense, but that depends on the actual crime. Over in Daytona Beach, FL, police arrested a man for beating an ATM with a hatchet. You certainly don't hear that everyday. His alleged act of vandalism occurred early this past Sunday morning, when the man walked up to an ATM and went psycho on it. Before the surveillance camera was destroyed, it took at three images of the man standing in front of the ATM with a personal check, taking a swing at the machine with his right hand, while holding the hatchet. Police officers identified the suspect from the surveillance photos and he was arrested early Monday morning. He was charged with criminal mischief and burglary to a structure.

The High Price for Shoplifting

When we think about the crime of shoplifting, we usually think about small inexpensive items being taken out from a store. But what happens when you are charged with shoplifting items that cost tens of thousands of dollars?

Mortgage Fraud

What exactly is a "mortgage fraud charge"? While the whole process might seem vague to some, the government is certainly cracking down on the "crime". It can be seen as a criminal action when there is intent to misrepresent or omit information on a mortgage loan application. Or to obtain a larger loan than would have been obtained if the lender or borrower had known the truth. 

Shooting suspect held without bond

Over in Seminole County, FL, a judge has ordered a man accused of shooting a 10 year-old boy to be held without bond. The man, Daquan Butts, was involved in an argument with another man while playing basketball, which led to an innocent bystander (the 10 year-old boy) to be shot in the stomach.

Details of a Disorderly Conduct charge

Have you ever had a loud argument in the street? Or a verbal disagreement in a public setting that may have gotten out of hand? Of course, you probably have, we all have, but did you know you could have been arrested for it? People consider "disorderly conduct" to be nothing more than a minor charge, but it's a criminal charge nonetheless and it should be taken very seriously. 

Should all Florida police officers wear body cameras?

Imagine for a moment that you are pulled over by a police officer late at night in Orange County or elsewhere in Florida and told by that officer that he or she has probable cause to suspect you have been driving under the influence of alcohol.

Domestic Terrorism Charge

With the trial set to start today for the accused ringleader of a white supremacist group in Central FL, it's important to understand how someone or some organization can be labeled as being a "domestic terrorist" group.

How a DUI can affect your career

A DUI charge isn't just a personal problem for the time-being. It can cost you your current job, while also haunting your future career plans. A few weeks ago, a Greyhound bus driver was arrested for DUI. The bus driver was caught swerving all over I-95 in the Central FL area, while he was driving a group of people from Jacksonville to Miami. 

Shoplifting Defense Strategy

Have you ever forgotten to pay for something at the store? Many people have, as it happens all the time. Are they criminals? Did they feel like committing a "heist"? Usually, the answer is no. A slip of the mind is all it takes to be labeled a "shoplifter". Luckily, defense lawyers have numerous ways to beat this charge.

MMA fighter facing life sentence

A domestic abuse conviction can land you with some serious penalties, but nothing quite as severe as what a professional fighter is currently facing. Jonathan Koppenhaver, also known as the MMA fighter "War Machine" appeared in a Las Vegas courtroom on yesterday, where he was advised of the whopping 32 total felony charges against him. 

Stiff penalties for Domestic Violence

Thanks to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's tough stance on domestic violence, it seems that this issue is now at the forefront of not just the sports world, but also of everyday life. With the Ray Rice situation and the upcoming situation involving Ray McDonald, it's important to understand just how serious a charge like domestic violence is. Remember, not everyone can be a famous athlete when they are charged.

Aggravated Battery with a deadly weapon

You may hear about arrests for "aggravated battery with a deadly weapon", but usually not like this. Forget about guns, baseball bats and knives. A woman was arrested yesterday after she allegedly attacked a couple in Daytona Beach with a machete. She was charged with two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Arrest for underage drinking has serious consequences

While the law has always enforced "underage drinking", since 2011 the state of Florida has certainly toughened up it's stance on this crime. In FL, it's a first degree misdemeanor to allow underage drinking at a bar or even at a house party. This is enforced on the second offense.

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