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Facing a first-time DUI charge? Get help from a lawyer

Have you ever been out with your friends at a bar and thought you were okay to drive after a couple of drinks? If you have, you're not alone. A lot of people think that they know their tolerance for alcohol, oftentimes believing that they've waited long enough after drinking to be safe to drive or thinking they haven't consumed enough alcohol to be intoxicated.

Why do police see a breath test refusal as a sign of guilt?

In the past few months, as well as at other times on our blog, we've talked a lot about breath test refusals. While we stand firmly behind the idea that you should refuse to take a breath test in order to give you the maximum chance at putting forward a good defense and protecting your rights, not everyone agrees with this belief.

How can my DUI get dismissed?

A common question is how can my DUI get dismissed.   There are various ways to attack a DUI case before there is even a Jury Trial.   When you hire a lawyer that attorney will request all of the evidence which is known as Discovery.   That may include all the police reports, any videos or any other items that will aid in assisting you in your DUI case.  

Disorderly Conduct

What is Disorderly Conduct? That is a good question, it is normally a breach of the peace. This becomes a catch all for the police when they cannot arrest you for anything else but want to get you off the streets. The most common example is the drunk person who is causing a disturbance in public but did not commit any other crimes the officer will arrest them for disorderly conduct. The Officer needs to show that someone other than the officer was bothered by your actions. This is not an easy charge for the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

Driving with a Suspended License

Drivers License Suspension and Revocation. If you are caught driving with a suspended license you could be facing arrest and criminal prosecution. There are two different driving with a suspended license charges with knowledge and without. If it is without knowledge then you will get a ticket that will result in points on your driving record.

Fort Lauderdale case shows why you shouldn't drink and drive

To our south, in Broward County, a young woman was sentenced to more than two decades in prison because of the part she played in a fatal accident that claimed the lives of two individuals. Some people here in Orange County may remember hearing about the crash on the Sawgrass Expressway on November 21, 2013.

Zimmerman involved in shooting

Well, Matthew Apperson has now made a name for himself. Today he nearly shot George Zimmerman in the face. Yes, that George Zimmerman. The former "neighborhood watch" volunteer who shot and killed Trayvon Martin back in 2012. Zimmerman suffered facial injuries in this roadside shooting Monday near a busy intersection in Lake Mary, FL.

Hit and Run during tire change

Hit and run crimes are very common in Florida. FL law enforcement believes that hit and runs are a growing problem and a solution must be found. Currently, if you drive drunk and hit and kill someone, you'll get a minimum of four years in jail. But if you flee the scene, and law enforcement can't prove you were drunk when the accident took place, then there is no minimum sentence.

Sex on Beach for couple leads to lewd and lascivious conviction

Sex in public has a dangerously appealing ring to it. Unfortunately, when it's called lewd and lascivious exhibition, not so much. You may have heard recently about the Florida couple arrested for having sex on the beach. They were found guilty of lewd and lascivious exhibition, when a young child caught them in the act. This is a crime, if it's believed that you engage in an intentional sexual performance in the presence of a child younger than 16, that can lead to serious penalties. 

Flakka: the synthetic drug that could lead to a DUI

When most people here in Florida hear that a person has been arrested for driving under the influence, they generally assume that the person was under the influence of alcohol. While this can be the case, did you know that intoxication can encompass a number of substances, including drugs or chemicals? If you didn't, then you'll want to read today's post carefully.

Mayweather fight shined light on Domestic Abuse Cases

Last night, Floyd Mayweather dominated Manny Pacquiao in the heavily anticipated super-fight. Before the fight, the story that dominated the news was Mayweather's history with domestic abuse. It shined a light on this nationwide epidemic and showed that no matter what your social, economic status is, it can affect your life.

Why you need an attorney if you have been arrested

Drunk driving is a serious issue. Individuals arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol may feel scared or nervous about the consequences they may face. Even if you plan to plead guilty to the charges, it is still important to talk to an attorney first. 

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