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Month: April 2014

Home Invasion defense

It's late at night, maybe it's early in the morning, and you hear some sort of suspicious noise.It's so dark out, and you don't want to put on the lights because you might scare off the intruder. Do you have time to call the police? Or do you grab your firearm and...

No One Is Above The Law

That old moral question of "who will police the police?" becomes reality far too often.Investigators discovered new details about a former Seminole County deputy who is now in serious trouble with the law. He was using databases to search more than 200 names in the...

DUI manslaughter charges

When you have one too many and decide to go behind the wheel, you can easily take a life no matter how well you think you can handle your alcohol. This weekend, a deadly car crash that took place near John Young Parkway was caused by a drunk driver. The...



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