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July 2014 Archives

What is considered "Racing on Highways"?

Running late to work? Trying to get home on time for dinner? Seems reasonable, considering we have all raced on the highway at one time or another. I mean it's not like we are on the set of Fast & Furious, looking to do some drag racing. But the charge of "Racing on Highways" is pretty serious and was created to prevent street racing in Florida. 

Understanding the importance of DUI expungement, sealed records

Having any type of criminal record can spawn future difficulties. Namely, a person with a mark on his or her record may have trouble becoming employed or renting property. The unfortunate reality is that even an arrest without a conviction can taint a person's record.

Speeding Tickets at the end of the month

Have you ever noticed how you seem to see more and more vehicles pulled over by the police towards the end of the month? While it may be true that police officers have monthly quotas to meet, you shouldn't assume that you are safe (or not safe) to speed at certain times.

Controlled Substance Federal Charges

It's foolish to believe that drug charges aren't that serious. Many drug offenses can end up being prosecuted as federal drug crimes, along with state offenses. If someone is convicted for a drug charge under federal law, this can result in a much longer prison sentence. A sentence that would take place in a federal prison. That doesn't even take into account the heavy fines that can lead to your crippling debt.

Convenience Store Armed Robbery

There are different types of robbery. Robbery by snatching; without a weapon; with a weapon; and with a firearm. Robbery with a firearm is the most serious type of charge and is a first degree felony, which can be punishable by life in prison. This recent story falls into that category...

Crack Cocaine Possession

Drug charges can fall under many categories. Delivery, distribution, trafficking, sales. But what about drug possession for crack/cocaine? Did you know that if you travel with drugs across state lines, that it may lead to federal charges? If you are a first time offender, you might qualify for drug court. If you qualify, drug court can be a very good alternative to regular litigation. So that is some positive news. However, drug court is not too simple. If someone is charged with possession of crack/cocaine and enter drug court, they must attend mandatory classes, counseling, and undergo regular drug testing. Drug court can be a nice alternative to being prosecuted for possession of crack/cocaine since the case gets dismissed after the defendant has successfully completed the drug program. 

Credit Card Fraud Charges

ATM debit cards. Credit cards. Gift cards. So many cards in your wallet, and so little time to spend money. But what if you lose a card? It's that heart-stopping moment when you wonder..."Did someone find it and start using it?". But what if you are the one accused of credit card fraud?

Arrested For Public Indecency

Forget the drink "Sex on the Beach". A couple in Florida took the phrase literally. The couple from Bradenton were arrested after they had sex on a public beach, this past Sunday. Several children were among the stunned onlookers, just in case you thought this couldn't get any more awkward. The man and woman were charged with lewd and lascivious behavior for their public indecency. A citizen on the beach recorded the incident and turned the shocking video over to the Bradenton police.

Repeated breath test refusal: A criminal offense in Florida

Learning about implied consent laws may come as a surprise to some readers. After all, giving up breath evidence could be viewed as a search. Generally speaking, police cannot conduct searches and seizures without providing a warrant or receiving expressed consent. Still, police have the right to demand drivers to take breath test when they are suspected of drunk driving or face a variety of penalties.

DUI investigation

A story involving the police, and the lack of a DUI test, has lead to some serious questions being asked about a car accident that took place last month.


When you are a habitual driving offender, you better have a skilled an experienced attorney by your sided. An average of 23,000 drivers have their Florida drivers license revoked each year as they are considered "Habitual Traffic Offenders". In Florida, it's a criminal offense to drive with a suspended or revoked license. The reason for suspension, or having your license revoked, depends on different factors.

Daytona Beach Bank Robber ID'ed

When you have been identified by the police as a suspect in a bank robbery, your best option is to hire an attorney and turn yourself in. Begin the process of proving your innocence, sooner rather than later. Even if there wasn't anyone harmed, or that much money stolen, a bank robbery charge brings serious consequences. 

Federal legislation for universal interlock requirement proposed

Quite frequently, legislators will look for ways to make drunk driving laws even more stringent than they already are. Although drunk driving laws are generally regulated on a state-to-state basis, a bill recently introduced in the federal legislature takes a "comply or else" approach to changing statutes nationwide.

Could your driver's license be suspended without you knowing?

It would be a heart-stopping moment. You open up your mail and find a letter saying you have had your driver's license suspended due to failing to pay for a "red light camera violation". Sadly, in the state of Florida, this is happening far too often. 

Being Arrested For Shoplifting

It's hard to get around the term of "shoplifting" without the basic idea of it being that you took something of value from a store or business. It doesn't matter if you forgot to pay for it, or if suffer from kleptomania. The authorities won't be too forgiving when you are caught stealing. There are those people who commit shoplifting and admit to their wrongdoing. Some will say that even knowing that it was against the law, they did it because they thought they would never get caught. Showing this lack of remorse would be an example of how it can't help your case in court. A judge doesn't want to see, or hear, from a defendant who doesn't care about breaking the law. 

Pain Clinics and Prescription Drugs

Over the past few years, Florida Drug Enforcement has cracked down on prescription drug abuse and the pain clinics who provide illegal drugs. Around four years ago, FL was in the middle of a terrible prescription drug crisis. 90 of the nation's top 100 Oxycodone purchasing doctors and 53 of the nation's top 100 Oxycodone purchasing pharmacies were located in the Sunshine State. In recent years, the number of doctors providing illegal drugs has been reduced by 85% and the number of pharmacies has declined by 64%. In addition, the number of pain clinics has declined from 800 to less than 500 in the state. 

Armed robbery at Circle K

There are many kinds of robbery charges under Florida law. Robbery with or without a weapon, with a firearm, snatching, etc. Robbery with a firearm is the most serious type. It's a first degree felony, which is punishable by life in prison. 

School worker charged with lewd lascivious molestation charges

It should come as no surprise now when he hear about school employees being arrested for inappropriate behavior with a student. But we should also always keep an open mind about the alleged actions of a school worker.

Life after a DUI

When you are arrested for a DUI you are in for a long, uphill battle to a return to your normal life. You will be kicking yourself for being so irresponsible, but you have to move past that and face the legal task at hand.

Gun Law Violations

While it seems like gun laws are pretty lax in this country, you still can get into major legal trouble if you violate the law. Florida might not be as strict as New York regarding gun laws, but there are plenty of violations that can occur.

Sexual Battery Case

Deputies in Winter Park, FL, have released a composite sketch of a man they believe to be connected to a recent sexual attack of a local woman. The police will be looking for a man who has similar features to the alleged rapist, and he will be facing very serious sexual battery charges. 

Arrests for smoke bombs

Arrests at soccer games are quite common and some Orlando soccer fans have just learned this. They were arrested in Tampa last weekend for setting off "smoke bombs".

Cocaine Possession Defense

In Florida or any state for that matter, if you have been charged with a drug crime involving cocaine you might think that all is lost. Not quite. Of course, there is no denying that the possession of cocaine is a serious felony offense and it is vigorously prosecuted throughout Florida. But "Possession of Cocaine" is a highly defendable charge.

Understanding Florida's ignition interlock requirements, Part 2

Last week, we discussed an issue that might be on the minds of Florida residents currently facing the prospect of charges for driving under the influence. More often than not, driver's license suspension is an automatic penalty associated with DUI conviction.

Understanding Florida's ignition interlock requirements, Part 1

As we've discussed on this blog, being charged for driving under the influence of alcohol can have an impact on a person's ability to drive -- sometimes permanently. At times, a person can have driving privileges restored, but this allowance may come with strings attached. Specifically, drivers may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicles.

Why you must fight a DUI

When people hear DUI they think it's the end of their driving world. No matter how serious the charge is, and believe me a DUI is a very serious charge, you must not lose hope. But at the same time, you can't take it lightly either.

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