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March 2014 Archives

DUI mug shot haunts Florida woman years after her arrest

When a person is arrested in Florida for allegedly driving drunk, he or she may endure public shaming whether or not the charges even stand. Orlando news organizations are known to publish the names and mug shots of those who are arrested for crimes before they have a chance to defend themselves. Having this information put out into the public arena can greatly affect a person's career, reputation, and personal life.

Top Traffic Lawyer Albert Pucylowski Joins forces with successful Criminal Defense Attorney Corey Cohen to form THE TICKET SQUAD

Do you live in Orange or Seminole county? Have you been issued a traffic ticket on I-4, 408, 417, the FL Turnpike, Highway 50, State Roads 436 or 434 or 426, or the Bee Line Expressway? 

Sex Crimes Before Entrapment

When dealing with sex crimes, how can we get more young men to join the police force? If other states adopt Hawaii's "hang loose" attitude when it comes to prostitution stings, you can expect every high school kid wanting to grow up to become an undercover cop.

A "hit and run" is a scary event that you can't run from

We have all had this moment: We are driving at night and instead of coming to a complete stop, we slowly go through a stop sign. We hope for the best when we instantly see another car about to hit us and we slam on the brakes or even worse...someone walking across our car's path.

At what point is a person really too drunk to drive safely?

The blood-alcohol content limit for all drivers over the age of 21 is .08 percent in Florida. This generally means that if a breath or blood alcohol test shows that a driver's BAC is .07 or below, he or she should not be charged with driving under the influence.

Video: Cop asks Florida trooper to let him go during DUI arrest

Last week, we discussed whether certain people, such as celebrities and politicians, might receive special treatment when facing DUI charges in Florida. Some Floridians might think that not only are public figures treated as if they are above the law, but so too are law enforcement officers themselves. One Florida police officer reportedly recently tried to use his position to get out of drunk driving charges.

Kerry Kennedy talks about how she won her drugged driving case

Whenever a famous person or a public figure here in Florida beats a DUI charge, many people assume that the person got off easy because of his or her status and connections. A number of people have recently jumped to such conclusions about Kerry Kennedy,  who has been found not guilty of drugged driving. As a member of the storied Kennedy family, many have said that she was treated like American royalty in the case.

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