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If your character and fitness for admission to the Florida Bar have been called into question, you may be asked to appear for an investigative hearing.

Investigative hearings will be informal but thorough, with the aim of ascertaining the truth. Technical rules of evidence need not be observed. An investigative hearing will be convened before a division of the board consisting of at least three members of the board. Any member of the board may administer oaths and affirmations during the hearing. Fla. Bar Admiss. R. 3-22.

After an investigative hearing, the following results are possible: 1. The applicant or registrant has established his or her qualifications as to character and fitness. 2. The board will offer to the applicant or registrant a consent agreement pertaining to drug, alcohol or psychological problems. In a consent agreement, the board is authorized to recommend to the court the admission of the applicant who has agreed to abide by specified terms and conditions on admission to the Florida Bar. 3. Further investigation into the applicant's or registrant's character and fitness is warranted. 4. The board will file specifications charging the applicant or registrant with matters that, if proven, would preclude a favorable finding by the board. Fla. Bar Admiss. R. 3-22.5.

The determination of your admission to the Florida Bar rests in the outcome of these hearings. It is important you have an attorney representing you who understands both what the board is looking for and how to prepare you for your hearing before that board.

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