Charged With Causing A Drunk Driving Accident?

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Understanding The Defenses Available

There are many winnable defenses to DUI involving property damage or a crash that many people are not aware of. The charge of DUI has multiple elements that the state must prove for you to be found guilty. The first element that must be proven is that you were driving or were in actual control of the vehicle.

Many times after an accident and before the police show up you are already out of your vehicle. There may be multiple people at the scene of the crash, and the police may have a hard time putting you behind the wheel of the vehicle.

This may surprise you, but the state may have a hard time proving you were the driver even if you admitted to driving. How is this so? In Florida there is a law that anything you tell a police officer during a crash investigation cannot be used against you in court. Even if you admit to driving, the officer cannot testify about that in court.

Now there are exceptions to this law and that is why you need to have an experienced DUI attorney on your side. You need someone who knows the law and every exception to the law so that your rights are protected. Our attorney has won many cases at trial based on this doctrine that is called the "accident report privilege."

Fighting The Civil Penalties You Also Face

As your DUI attorney, Corey Cohen will also fight any civil citations you may receive as part of the DUI. Many times after a crash if the officer feels that you were at fault, he or she will write you a citation for careless or reckless driving. These are additional points on your record and in some circumstances may result in a suspension of your driving privileges.

Sometimes a DUI that involves an accident makes the best and most winnable DUI case because of numerous factors such as:

  • No one can put you behind the wheel of the vehicle at the time of the crash
  • You may have performed poorly on the field sobriety exercises because you were injured from the crash
  • Your eyes may be bloodshot and watery, your face may be flushed, and your speech may be slurred from the accident and the trauma of the crash
  • Many times when hit on the head with the air bag or any head injury as a result of the accident will throw off the results of the HGN field sobriety exercise

These are just a few of the defenses we have used in the past to win DUI trials that involved an accident and have been successful.

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