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When hiring the Law Office of Corey Cohen you are getting Attorneys with over 33 years combined experience in the Criminal Justice System. You get a team of highly trained Trial attorneys who have experience as both former prosecutors and defense attorneys. Our Attorneys have tried over 50 murder trials and 200 Jury Trials. There is no case too big or too small. We treat every case with the same passion and aggressiveness with our only goal being to win for you.

The severity of a DUI charge could result in fines, jail time and license suspension. Auto insurance rates increase or coverage could be taken away. A conviction remains on your record for life without the chance of expungement, possibly standing in the way of job opportunities.

Breathalyzer testing is a significant factor in a DUI arrest. Oftentimes, the results are faulty. A poorly trained officer using a breath test device not properly calibrated or maintained can have devastating consequences for you.

As a former public defender and state prosecutor who has defended and prosecuted hundreds of drunk driving cases, Orlando DUI defense lawyer Corey Cohen has the experience and training in DUI cases necessary to give you a competitive advantage.

Orlando DUI Breath Test Error Lawyer

The selection of the right DUI lawyer to handle your case is vital. At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen, our founder combines experience with a thorough knowledge of the ever-changing DUI laws. He also possesses insight as a former public defender and state prosecutor serving on the other side of the courtroom.

A Breathalyzer reading of .08 or higher will lead to an arrest, but it should not result in an immediate plea of guilty. We have handled DUI defense cases where errors were found in the machine and the source code. Readings were found to be inaccurate because of poor calibration and maintenance.

Attorney Corey Cohen will educate you on the legal process and protect your rights throughout the entire process. He gets to the facts of Breathalyzer testing and every other aspect of your DUI defense.

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