Defending Against Open Container Charges

When you're enjoying a drink at a party, it can feel harmless to walk to another party while bringing your drink with you. Likewise, when you're enjoying a night on the town, it's tempting to take a drink with you when your friends want to move on to another bar.

Unfortunately, carrying an open bottle/container or drink on the street is illegal, and open bottle arrests are very common.

If you have been accused of an open bottle violation in Florida, as either a resident or tourist, contact The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen. Attorney Corey I. Cohen has handled hundreds of criminal cases as a public defender and criminal defense lawyer, and he also has extensive experience as a criminal prosecutor. Our familiarity with Florida criminal laws from both sides means we can explain your full options and provide an aggressive defense.

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Be Aware Of The Potential Penalties

These second-degree offenses can carry serious legal consequences, including:

  • Possible jail time
  • Fines
  • A criminal conviction on your record

Additionally, open bottle violations in vehicles subject violators to Florida's numerous DUI/DWI laws and penalties.

As a criminal lawyer with comprehensive experience, Mr. Cohen has handled hundreds of criminal cases. Our firm is highly skilled at investigating cases, identifying police errors and pursuing clients' best results following open bottle charges.

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