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Despite numerous and powerful laws regulating the distribution of prescription drugs, prescription drug fraud is common in Florida. Why? Because the power of prescription drug addiction leads many good and law-abiding people to break laws they would not otherwise consider breaking.

Are You Facing a Prescription Drug Charge?

Prescription drug addiction often leads to one of several common charges. Have you been charged with:

  • "Doctor shopping," i.e., moving from doctor to doctor to maximize prescription drug access?
  • Stealing drugs from a medical office, pharmacy or clinic?
  • Forging a prescription?

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Extensive Experience on Both Sides of Prescription Drug Charges Law

Prescription drug violations are considered serious crimes and are legally akin to other drug offenses even though no " street dealing" is usually involved. A conviction for prescription drug violations can result in the loss of your livelihood and freedom.

Attorney Corey I. Cohen has handled numerous prescription drug charge cases from both sides of criminal law. For several years Mr. Cohen served as prosecutor. He now serves those charged with crimes, including drug crimes, and brings a comprehensive knowledge of drug crime law to prescription drug offenses.

Our firm also handles drug charges involving illegal drugs and Medicaid/Medicare fraud. For more information, please contact our office.

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