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When hiring the Law Office of Corey Cohen you are getting Attorneys with over 33 years combined experience in the Criminal Justice System. You get a team of highly trained Trial attorneys who have experience as both former prosecutors and defense attorneys. Our Attorneys have tried over 50 murder trials and 200 Jury Trials. There is no case too big or too small. We treat every case with the same passion and aggressiveness with our only goal being to win for you.

Even if you are not convicted, a fraud arrest can do serious damage to your career and reputation. If you are convicted, your future will definitely not go as planned. This is a charge that cannot be removed from your record. It will follow you for the rest of your life. This is why you need a highly skilled lawyer on your side. You can't afford to settle for less than a powerful and strategic defense strategy.

Choose attorney Corey Cohen for the stellar legal defense you need. Mr. Cohen is a former state prosecutor who understands how our opponents handle these cases. He also knows the defense strategies that have proven to be effective. Let him and our knowledgeable team conduct our own investigation as necessary to identify any holes in the prosecution's case, and then exploit those holes in your defense.

Start Building Your Defense As Soon As Possible

White collar crime charges are frequently preceded by investigations. Police and prosecutors often take great care to gather evidence and build an airtight case before they file charges. If you believe you are under investigation, now is the time to contact a lawyer.

At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen in Orlando, Florida, we will reach out to the prosecutor and law enforcement to seek a positive resolution before an arrest is made and charges are filed. Even if you have already been charged with a white collar crime, you can benefit from our representation.

Here To Defend You Against All Types Of Charges

White collar crime charges come in many forms, each with its own unique complications that require the attention of a lawyer who is well-versed in this form of criminal defense. We bring extensive experience to cases involving:

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