Oxycodone Abuse Is A Big Problem

OxyContin and oxycodone abuse is a rampant problem in Florida because of the easy access to these pain narcotics. As a result, the legislature and law enforcement have been cracking down. The prosecutions and penalties have become increasingly severe.

At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen, we represent clients charged with illegal possession of pharmaceutical drugs, including oxycodone and other pain medications. As a former state prosecutor and public defender, Orlando lawyer Corey Cohen has the knowledge and experience to fight the charges against you in state or federal court. He has prosecuted and defended hundreds of drug crime cases and is not afraid to take your case to trial to obtain the best outcome.

For skilled criminal defense representation following an arrest on suspicion of possessing oxycodone, schedule a free consultation today at our Orlando, Florida, office by calling 407-246-0066.

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No matter how serious the nature of your charge, our commitment to your defense remains the same. Mr. Cohen is committed to upholding justice through the ethical, knowledgeable and professional practice of the law. Attorney Cohen brings all of his energy and a critical eye toward every detail when approaching each case.

If there are search and seizure issues, we will highlight them and expose if your constitutional rights were violated. When we examine the case against you, we will challenge whether the police had enough evidence for a drug trafficking charge. If your constitutional rights were violated, we can argue for a dismissal of the charges. We can investigate the legality of the traffic stop and whether the officer had probable cause. As with all drug cases, we will review the search and seizure and other police procedure.

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